The DOSVC website will be closed at the end of July. The entire vinyl collection is now open to bids from wholesale buyers as a whole.  Bidding will be open thru July 15.  The winning bid will be announced as soon as it has been determined, but no later than July 31, 2022.

The Laserdiscs have been sold.

The David Ogden Stiers Vinyl Collection

On March 3, 2018, David’s battle with cancer ended. About nine months earlier, he had asked his friend Leland Hall a favor, should his cancer prove terminal. He wanted his vast record collection sold for the highest return possible, on behalf of the Newport Symphony Orchestra. David had planned to sell the collection himself after he was no longer able to conduct. But as the disease encroached, conducting became impossible, and he was unable to begin the vinyl project. Leland agreed to pick up that mantle. Their collections had begun as a joint enterprise over 45 years ago. Their knowledge of recorded music from the ’50s helped form David’s enviable collection of over 10,000 vinyl disks, which includes rare classical recordings, studio sessions, live concerts, Original Cast Broadway, film scores, jazz, and popular music of the ’60s. These treasures are now available, all funds in support of the orchestra that David helped create.

About 60% of the collection.

Audiophile Collection:

• high value audiophile records, rare issues, autographed items

• These gems are listed in the same box lists as below, but the offering price in the list will be marked with an *asterisk

Vinyl Collection Lists:

• Viewable, downloadable inventory lists organized by label, genre, and artist

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LaserDisc Collection Lists

Newport Symphony

David Ogden Stiers Theatre

Our lists offer excellent quality vinyl from the collection of David Ogden Stiers.

Pricing guidelines:

• Generally: 90% current market value

• Missing or damaged jacket discount: $5

• See our Pricing Guide for details.

About Us

The David Ogden Stiers Vinyl Collection is a volunteer effort, not an organized entity; its purpose is to fulfill David’s wish to support the Newport Symphony Orchestra by selling his records for its benefit.

David learned how to play the horn during his free time while at Juilliard.

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